All our security audits are done with an objective approach. We have the mission to advise and to remediate potential threats and vulnerabilities. We are independent and vendor neutral; we don't believe in a situation where the auditor is also a reseller!


Most of our audits start with a risk analysis. Critical assets are defined, and threats regarding these assets are brought into scope. Our checkpoints are based on the threats. Afterwards, a risk level is calculated for every checkpoint, depending on the probability and the impact.

Report & Retest

After each security audit, we deliver a detailed report. All our reports are understandable, not auto-generated by any software tool. The report consists of two parts: an executive summary, including security scores and possible investments, and a technical part, including the exact findings and a remediation plan. We also provide a presentation, outlining all the findings in a personal meeting. This can be organized for IT staff or even for non-technical people.

Once measures have been taken, we offer the possibility to do a retest. Once this confirms that all gaps are closed, our mission is accomplished!


  • GDPR Security Scan (more...)
  • Vulnerability Assessment (more...)
  • Penetration Testing (more...)
  • Social Engineering Campaigns (more...)
  • Web Security Testing (more...)
  • Wireless Security Surveys
  • Active Directory and Password Audits
  • Configuration Reviews (firewall, cloud,...)
  • Incident Response and Malware Analysis
  • Malware and Botnet Detection
  • Data Protection and ISO 27001

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